Kimchi is a Korean National Dish and whilst there are many recipes some refer to Kimchi as a Korean Sauerkraut. Commonly used vegetables used to make Kimchi include napa cabbage (Chinese cabbage) daikon radish (also known as mooli) other radishes and spring onions. The list of vegetables goes on and on - one of my favourite blends is white cabbage with cauliflower and carrots.
For me, the key - and the most challenging component of Kimchi - is the paste, but once you have the balance that works for you the taste is amazing. Most recipes recommend paprika - I use a blend of normal and smoked. Some recipes include fish sauce but in my view this can be omitted, keeping the paste vegetarian.
Try this as a starter:
30g fresh garlic peeled
60g fresh ginger peeled
50g paprika (30g normal 20g smoked)
Fresh chillies 2/3
½ Fresh red pepper
1-2tbs of Gochugaru (hot chilli powder)
60g of retained brine (from vegetables that have been soaked)
15ml raw apple cider vinegar
15ml of tamari sauce
50g of coconut sugar
30ml of fish sauce (optional)
Place all ingredients in a blender then store away in a clean jar. Kept in the fridge the paste will keep for weeks.
How to make Kimchi
How to make kimchi